fabulous chocolate cake

This is my friend Phuong Dung's FABULOUS Chocolate Cake; it is gooey, fudgy and easy to make.

1. Preheat oven to 200 C
2. melt 200gm choc & 200gm butter in microwave [I do this at 30second intervals, then mix together until it's shiny & thick]
3. Separate 4 eggs - beat egg whites until fluffy & set aside
                             - mix egg yolks with 150gm white sugar & 80gm SR flour
4. add melted choc & butter to egg yolk mix
5. Fold in egg whites, gently
6. Cook for 25mins, will be wet & gooey in the middle.

let cool and sprinkle with icing sugar, serve alone or with cream & berry coulis.

Thank you Phuong Dung!